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Spring is in the air and shipments are now arriving. Malt Whiskies are back to a normal stock list. Price increases from suppliers have been offset by a rising currency so the effective change is a slight decrease overall. Some new sweeties from France - Cadillac, Monbazillac have arrived along with the usual things like Chateau Grand Soussans from the Margaux. This requires maturation for a few years ~ around 6 to 10 ~ from the vintage date. But the rewards are worth the wait. It's not for nothing the wines of Margaux  are so sort after....

Sherries and Port are back to normal stocking levels. A new Product from our sherry producer Antonio Barbadillo is their Solera Brandy. Matured exclusively in Sherry casks, the brandy is soft, fruited with a rich oloroso influence. Quite lovely. Unfortunately, I haven't got a lot in stock yet and I anticipate it will sell well.Craft Beers are reaching saturation point if there is ever such a thing but there is only so much one can do with so many products. Styles should start to consolidate. And Spring is around the corner...

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